Close Account Form


In order to process your request to close your account, please complete, sign and return this form along with the tag(s) to the address below or at one of our Walk-In Customer Service Centers:

E-ZPass® New York Service Center
Attn: Close Account Processing
PO BOX 149001
Staten Island, New York 10314

Please remember, as per the Terms and Conditions you agreed to upon opening your E-ZPass® account, failure to return the tag(s) will result in your account being charged any applicable lost tag fee(s).

Reason for Closing Account (please check one):

☐ Moving out of area ☐ Changing jobs ☐ Business closing/sold
☐ No longer driving ☐ Other:                                        

I request that you close E-ZPass® account number listed above. I have included all tag(s) which are in my possession.

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