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What is E-ZPass® and how does it work?
E-ZPass® is an electronic toll collection system, which takes cash, coins and toll tickets out of the toll collection process. Instead, drivers establish an account, prepay tolls and attach a small electronic device to their vehicles. Tolls are automatically deducted from the prepaid account as an E-ZPass® customer passes through the toll lane. For additional information, download an E-ZPass® Guidebook.
Where can I use E-ZPass®?
Please reference E-ZPass® Participating Toll Facilities.
Isn't there someplace else I can mount my E-ZPass® other than the windshield?
No. Unless your E-ZPass® is installed exactly as shown in the E-ZPass® GuideBook, it may not be "read" by the E-ZPass® antenna. Placing the tag on the sun visor, the rear view mirror, the dashboard, the seat, or in your hand may work sometimes, but will not work all of the time. Install it exactly as shown on the instructions that come with your E-ZPass® tag. Tags installed incorrectly or not at all may cause unnecessary toll evasion violations, administrative fees or delays at the tollbooth.
Where are your Customer Service Centers located and what are their hours of operation?
Click Customer Service Center locations for locations and hours.
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