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What is E-ZPass® Plus?
E-ZPass® Plus is an additional service that allows E-ZPass® customers to use E-ZPass® to pay for parking.
How does E-ZPass® Plus work?
Just obtain a regular airport parking ticket on entry. On exit (with your E-ZPass® tag properly mounted) hand the ticket to the cashier and request to pay with E-ZPass® Plus (at Albany Airport) or insert the ticket in the slot at the cashier booth (JFK, Newark and LaGuardia).
How do I get charged for parking on my account?
It's E-Z. Your account will be debited for the parking fee if the fee is less than $20. Parking Fees of $20 or greater will be charged directly to the credit card used to replenish your account. Airport parking transactions will appear on your E-ZPass® statement.
What if I do not want E-ZPass® Plus?
If you are an individual account holder, access your account and select the opt out option for the service. Business customers are automatically opted out, so unless you have opted in, the service is not activated on your account.
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