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What does an MTA Reload Card look like?
An MTA Reload Card is the size of a credit/debit card. Here is what it looks like:
Front of MTA Reload Card  Back of MTA Reload Card
Why would I want an MTA Reload Card?
MTA Reload Cards give an E-ZPass customer the ability to use cash, at many convenient retailer and kiosk locations. Additionally, if you have a mobile phone that accepts text messages, you can opt-in for Mobile Alerts, notifying you of key account activity and triggers, including low account balance, thus adding to the convenience of being an MTA B&T E-ZPass cash customer.
How do I get an MTA Reload Card?
Existing MTA E-ZPass Private account holders, that have cash or check account replenishment selected, may request an MTA Reload Card at or by calling 1-800-333-TOLL (8655) and using the automated system. New customers opening an MTA E-ZPass Private account, and selecting cash or check replenishment, are automatically sent an MTA Reload Card a few days after account opening. Customers who purchased an E-ZPass "On the Go" tag at a retailer and select cash replenishment when registering on the website, are automatically sent an MTA Reload Card in the mail.
Can I have more than one MTA Reload Card?
If you have registered multiple vehicles on your account and more than one person wishes to use an MTA Reload Card to replenish the account, you may request additional cards up to the number of tags on the account.
How do I use an MTA Reload Card?
Take your MTA Reload Card to a participating (see below) Visa ReadyLink retailer, or participating kiosk, and either follow the kiosk instructions or provide your card along with your cash payment to the cashier. The cashier will provide a receipt at the completion of your reload transaction. Keep this receipt for your records. You do not need a Visa card to use this service; just your MTA Reload card and your cash. You cannot reload your account at a retailer or kiosk without your MTA Reload Card. In the New York metropolitan area there are currently several hundred Visa ReadyLink retailer locations and thousands nationwide. See below for locating a retailer or kiosk. You may also replenish your account with cash at an E-ZPass New York Customer Service Center.
Click here to see a video of how to use the MTA Reload card.
Is there a minimum Reload amount?
Yes, the minimum reload amount is either $20, or an amount sufficient to bring your account balance to a minimum of $10, whichever is greater. If your account had a negative balance prior to this reload, you must wait 24 hours before using the tags on this account. You may use your MTA Reload Card as frequently as you wish. The maximum amount of cash you may load into your E-ZPass account at any one time is $500.

Remember that the use of toll facilities without sufficient funds in your E-ZPass account may result in your incurring Violations, each of which carries an administrative fee of $50, in addition to the toll, and/or be asked to surrender the Tag to E-ZPass via certified mail or to plaza personnel.

How do I view my E-ZPass account balance?
If you are a cash or check customer, we understand your need to keep track of your account balance. You may obtain your balance by logging onto your account at or by calling 1-800-333-TOLL (8655) and using the automated system. There must be sufficient funds in your E-ZPass account before you use any toll facilities that accept E-ZPass.
How much does it cost to use an MTA Reload Card?
The retailer or kiosk vendor will charge a fee each time you reload your E-ZPass account using their services. Fees vary but if you use an MTA preferred retailer or kiosk location you will be charged no more than $2. You can locate a preferred retailer or kiosk via the Retail Payment Locator.
Where are reload locations near me?
Click Retail Payment Locator for kiosks and retail locations and hours.
What happens if I need a replacement MTA Reload Card?
Notify us of a lost, stolen or damaged MTA Reload card by logging onto your E-ZPass account at the website or by calling 1-800-333-TOLL (8655) and using the automated system. There is a small fee to replace an MTA Reload Card.
Is my money secure when using an MTA Reload Card?
If your Card is lost, stolen, or damaged, you do not lose any money because the money is not on the MTA Reload Card; the money is in your E-ZPass account. Your card can only be used to put funds into your E-ZPass account; the card cannot be used to withdraw funds from your account and also cannot be used to pay tolls.
What if I have a problem using my MTA Reload Card at a retailer?
You should call 1-800-333-TOLL (8655) for assistance. This customer service number is printed on the back of your MTA Reload Card.

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